8 reasons to attend this years conference if you're a promoter...

Tickets for this years NRTF conference are now on sale. We know, we know, we've mentioned it a thousand times already on social media, but no doubt one or two of you will have missed the news.

In the past, we've alternated every other year between a conference and a showcase, but this year we're combining the two to give you the chance to see work that you may wish to programme in the future as well as the space to catch up with peers, colleagues and sector news.

If you're a promoter and you've never been to one of our conferences or showcases before and are worried that the conference might not be for you, then we're here to assure you it is, so without further ado here are 8 reasons you should attend this year's conference as a promoter.

How To Get Your Show Rural Touring: The Importance of Doing Your Homework

The most frequently asked question we get here at the NRTF from artists is 'How do I get my show programmed for rural touring?' and our biggest piece of advice is always the same: do your homework.

This piece of advice works on all levels - whether you're brand new to rural touring or have years of experience under your belt - just like the rest of the arts world, the sector is ever evolving, so there will always be something new to learn that will help you get your show on the road.

But let's start, as they say, at the very beginning.

Rural Touring Recipes: Spice Lentil Soup

"A good stand by for promoters, especially when faced with a  range of 
dietary requirements and limited time to eat before a performance …"

Here it is! The first of our Rural Touring Recipes. This hearty recipe for Spiced Lentil soup comes from Highlights Promoter Sally Seed.

Sally Seed has been a Highlights Rural Touring Scheme volunteer promoter for Orton Market Hall in Cumbria for about 12 years. She’s hosted lots of one-man and one-woman shows as well as children’s theatre groups and larger bands – sometimes as many as 8 or more. Lasagne and spicy sausage casserole have been favourites for an early evening meal in the past and vegetarian versions are possible of both but, if it’s getting complicated and needs to be kept simple, she’s found that a soup recipe from her son’s cookery lessons at school is a great stand-by.

Saying Goodbye To Rural Arts' Director Angela Hall

Angela Hall has stepped down as the Director of Rural Arts after more than 26 years. Home to ON Tour, the rural touring scheme for North Yorkshire, East Cleveland and the Tees Valley, Rural Arts delivers a range of participatory and professional arts programmes at its own venue, The Courthouse in Thirsk, and beyond.

Angela established Rural Arts in 1992 with support from Arts Council England and eight North Yorkshire local authorities. ON Tour was launched in 1997 as one of the first formalised rural touring schemes in the country. Over 300 village halls registered on the scheme, and the model of working with local volunteers and seasonal touring is still in place today. Today, the annual programme consists of over 65 live music, dance and theatre performances across 2,500 square miles.

Artist Perspective: Up The Road Theatre

Rural Touring is a great opportunity for artists but we'd be lying if we said it always went smoothly. As with any tour, there can be bumps along the way. Today we hear from Up The Road Theatre about why they were so keen to get more involved with Rural Touring and how they handled it when things didn't go to plan.

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